Meet the Actovis World team, a global and high-passionate group.
We have been into e-commerce solutions from past 5 years.

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“We use our tech all day, everyday, and the accessories we choose should be more than just functional – they should express something about us as individuals.”

Actovis World was born out of a shared passion for good design and
well-made products. Disenchanted by the nondescript, mass produced
plastic that filled the mobile accessories market, We set out to offer a stylish alternative for the modern individual.
By combining the finest materials, functional design, and considered
details, Actovis World creates products with personality, that enhance
the way you live with your tech.

We pride ourselves on designing every product in-house. Our
award-winning design team is headed up by French born Fabien Nauroy who
is motivated by three main principles: user experience, innovation
through materials, and attention to detail. By staying true to these
values and looking to other industries for inspiration, Actovis World
always delivers original and useful tech accessories. Our designs are
stripped back to the essentials for a sleek and minimal form.

Our Passinate Teams

Manarth Patel
Contact: +91 7359298619
Mitul Jani
Contact: +91 7984081964
Dharmin Bhanse
Foreign Sales Head
Contact: 9016565851